Lounge Technician Jobs

Ideal Candidate

  • Education from a technical school preferred.
  • Good working knowledge of analog mixing consoles such as those manufactured by Mackie, as well as digital mixers from Yamaha
  • Able to operate analog outboard gear such as graphic and parametric equalizers, gates, compressors, limiters, and effects units such as those manufactured by Yamaha and Lexicon
  • Working knowledge of the operation of show lighting consoles and programs such as Martin Lightjockey
  • Working knowledge of “backline equipment” such as guitar, keyboard and bass guitar amplifiers
  • Must be able to operate several types of recording and/or playback devices, such as CD, MP3, DA98 and Tascam MX-2424
  • Must be able to physically set up and strike bands, and know proper microphone and stage monitor placement
  • Be able to do basic troubleshooting and basic, routine maintenance on many types of audio gear including amplifiers, consoles, outboard audio gear, and be able to detect and replace blown speaker drivers; and perform basic, routine maintenance on conventional and intelligent lighting instruments
  • This is essential, as you will be working with several groups of musicians as well as groups of guests and many other crew members on a regular basis


  • Travel Opportunities
  • Free Food and Accommodation
  • International Experience
  • Language Skills Enhancement
  • Medical insurance and onboard medical assistance
  • The opportunity to save money, considering that accommodation and meals are covered
  • Transportation ensured during the contract period
  • Career Growth
  • Visa Fees Refunded
  • Adventure and Unforgettable Experience




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