– ‘jobselection.ro’, ‘the website’, ‘JOB SELECTION’, ‘we’, ‘the company’ refer to Job Selection Corporation and its related services.
– Job Selection Corporation has its registered address in Romania, Brasov, postal code 500271, 9 Alexandru Odobescu Str., Office 1A, and is registered with the Trade Register under no.J/8/730/2015; VAT: RO 34490918
– ‘User’ refers to all the natural persons and/or legal entities that access Jobselection.ro, irrespective of their reason.
– ‘Regulation’, ‘Agreement’, ‘Contract’, ‘Terms and conditions’ are used to refer to this Membership Contract.
Membership Contract acceptance

This Contract applies to Jobselection.ro, its services and content.

Jobselection.ro, its services and content are subject to your acceptance, without any modification of the conditions in this Contract. Should you not accept the terms and conditions in this document, stop using Jobselection.ro and its related services. By using the website, you agree to our ‘Terms and Conditions’. Job Selection Corporation, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’, may revise this document at any time, by updating this page. We recommend you to regularly visit this page in order to read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ because this document is legally binding. By continuing to use Jobselection.ro services, you agree to the modifications of this Contract.

Service description

Jobselection.ro provides its users with an access to a rich collection of online resources and instruments, to purchase services, and to a customised content. You acknowledge and agree that these services also include advertising, which is needed by Jobselection.ro to supply its services.

You acknowledge and agree that Jobselection.ro services include various advertisements, administrative messages contained in Jobselection.ro informative bulletins and that these messages are subject to Jobselection.ro membership, with no option to renounce them. You acknowledge and agree that the services are provided ‘as such’, while Jobselection.ro does not assume any liability for the deletion, submission, or erroneous save of the custom settings.

Registration duties

In order to use the services provided by the Jobselection.ro website, please:

– supply real, accurate, and complete data, as required by the ‘new user registration form’ and ‘Curriculum Vitae’ sections of the website;
– keep and renew – when required – the registration data, in order to maintain its accuracy, exactitude, and wholeness. If you supply information that is inaccurate, inexact, or incomplete, Job Selection Corporation is entitled to suspend or to disable your account and to refuse all the current or future essays to use Jobselection.ro website.

User liability

As a Jobselection.ro user, you are liable for your own actions, as well as for their consequences, subsequent to publishing the materials uploaded or publicly displayed on the account provided by the Company, and you shall not:

– publish copyrighted materials if you are not their author or do not have the permission of the author to publish them;
– publish obscene, denigrating, threatening, or malicious materials related to another user – natural person or legal entity;
– publish a sexually-explicit picture or statement;
– publish materials containing viruses, worms, or other programmes designed to destroy any system or information;
– upload, post, disseminate, or submit in any other way any content for which you do not hold the legal right to do so, under any legal system – Romanian or foreign –, contractual relations, or relations based on trust (confidential information, ownership-right information, learned or disclosed as part of work relations or subject to confidentiality agreements);
– upload, post, disseminate, or submit in any other way any type of advertisements, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other types of requests, except for the service parts that are constructed to this end;
– hold multiple addresses within the website, similar or created around the same theme;
– support or supply information on illegal activities, on promoting physical or verbal abuse to any groups or persons, or on promoting any kind of cruelty towards animals. This may include, without limitation, supplying information on the way to manufacture, purchase, or assemble bombs, grenades, or other types of guns and creating crush sites;
– post, disseminate, or submit in any other manner personal data (name, address, phone numbers) or their registration in the cells that can be viewed by other users (descriptions, nickname, etc.)
Job Selection Corporation does not guarantee the credibility and the accuracy of the information published by the users and does not support any opinion expressed by the users.

Job Selection Corporation acts as a passive factor in online distribution and in publishing the information supplied by the users and does not have the obligation to verify in advance the material published by the users. If such action is requested by a user, the company may investigate and verify the statement and may decide if the information is to be removed or not.

Job Selection Corporation may assume actions or measures regarding the user or against the information registered by the user. When a user adds a material to the website,Job Selection Corporation will be guaranteed the continuous and irrevocable right (including moral rights) and the license to use it, adapt it, publish it, translate it, distribute it, or communicate it in public (in full or in part), internationally, or to include it in works of any type, into the media, or in technology known or about to be developed in the future. Also, the user allows any person subscribed to access, view, store, or reproduce such materials, for personal purposes. Subject to the data specified before, the holder of such a material published on the website continues to hold any related rights.

We appreciate the messages of our clients and we look forward to your comments regarding our services. Please consider the fact that our policy does not allow us to accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions, inventions, or materials other than those expressly requested by us.

Information for users

When registering on the website, you will be requested certain information, including a valid e-mail. In addition to the terms and conditions regulated by the policy of our website, you acknowledge and accept the fact that Job Selection Corporation may disclose certain information included in your registration request to third parties.

Job Selection Corporation will not disclose your name, address, e-mail, or phone number to a third party, without your approval, except for the cases provided by the law, when submitting this information is necessary.

Job Selection Corporation reserves the right to provide your services and products to a third party, based on the data specified in your registration, at any time after its completion; such offers may be provided by Job Selection Corporation or by a third party involved.

Account, password, and data security

You must keep the confidentiality over the information and your password. You will be liable for using your registration, irrespective if it is performed with or without your approval. You agree to inform Job Selection Corporation on any unauthorised use of the password and your registration. You also agree to use the sign out button when leaving the website. The Company will not be liable for any moral or material damage registered as a result of not observing this provision.

If deemed so, Job Selection Corporation may block your password, the use of services, or the use of any other services provided, or may remove and delete any material from the services, irrespective of the reason. Job Selection Corporation may also – at any time and without notice – interrupt the supply of services or of a part of them, without any prior notice.

Any termination of your access to Jobselection.ro services, according to any rules listed in these Regulations, may be performed without prior notice; you acknowledge and agree that Job Selection Corporation may disable or immediately delete your account from Jobselection.ro website, as well as all the information connected to it and/or may forbid any subsequent access to Jobselection.ro services. Moreover, Job Selection Corporation shall not be held liable before you or any third party in any way for the restriction applied to/deletion of the account and of the access to the services provided by Jobselection.ro.

Using materials

Job Selection Corporation authorises you to view and download a single copy of the materials from the Jobselection.ro website, only for personal purposes and a non-commercial use. The content of the website, namely texts, graphics, pictures, software, as well as other materials, is protected by copyright law. The entire material is the property of Job Selection Corporation. The compilation (namely, the collection and the rearrangement) of this website’s content is the exclusive right of Job Selection S.R.L., protected by current laws. The unauthorised use of the material is a violation of copyright or of other laws. You are not allowed to sell or modify the material, to publicly display it, to distribute it, or to use it in any other way, for public or commercial purposes.

The access of any unauthorised user to the servers pertaining or rented by Job Selection Corporation is forbidden. The essay and/or unauthorised access to these servers is a crime, punishable according to current Romanian legislation.

Ownership of materials and information introduced on Jobselection.ro

Job Selection Corporation will not claim any ownership right over the materials that you supply to the Company (including notes and suggestions) or that you post, upload, or submit to Jobselection.ro. However, by sending these materials, you agree to allow Job Selection Corporation to use the materials, and also to copy/distribute/submit/publish/reproduce/modify/translate them, to mention your name in connection to the material submitted, and to transfer all these rights to any Job Selection Corporation partner.

No compensation is claimed or granted for using materials in the above-specified manner. The Company is not obliged to post on the website or to use in any way the material supplied by you; the company is also entitled to delete your material at any time and without any reason.
Relationship with the advertisers on Jobselection.ro

Job Selection Corporation may run advertising campaigns and promotions on its website.

The correspondence, the business, or taking part in the promotions of the advertising companies found on or via the websites, including payments or deliveries of goods or services and any other conditions, terms, guarantees, or representations associated to such relations, fall only under the liability of the user and under the liability of these companies. Job Selection Corporation is not liable and will not be liable for any loss or prejudice of any kind, resulting from such relations or from the presence of such companies within the advertising campaigns of the Jobselection.ro website.
Agreeing to the terms of this Contract entitles Job Selection Corporation to regularly send e-mails containing information or special offers to you.

Links to other information or service suppliers

Jobselection.ro/third parties may supply links to other websites or to other resources. Based on the fact that Job Selection Corporation has no control over these websites or resources, please acknowledge and agree to the fact that Job Selection Corporation is not liable for their availability and does not guarantee or is liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available on these websites or resources.

Moreover, you acknowledge and agree thatJ ob Selection Corporation shall not be held liable or bound to pay compensation, in a direct or indirect manner, for any damage or loss caused or allegedly caused by or in connection to the use of/trust in the information supplied by such a content, goods, or services available on or via such websites or resources.

Job Selection Corporation liability

Based on the fact that the identification of Internet users is difficult, Jobselection.ro does not confirm the fact that each user is the same person that it claims to be. Because we are not and cannot be involved in the user-to-user relations or we cannot control the behaviour of Jobselection.ro users, in the case of a dispute with one or several users, Job Selection Corporation (by its agents, administrators, and employees) is waived from any liability or compensation (direct or indirect) of any kind and type, known or unknown, suspected or not, revealed or not, registered in a way that is connected to the disputes.

Job Selection Corporation is not legally liable to control the information provided by other users, available on the website. The information related to other persons may be unpleasant, damaging, or inaccurate.
The material may contain inaccuracies or typos. Job Selection Corporation does not assume any actuality or accuracy of the website material. You acknowledge and agree that you are the only person liable for the form, content, or accuracy of the material included or placed by you on the website.

Liability limiting

You expressly state that you acknowledge and that you agree that Job Selection Corporation shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special damage – including, but not limited to: lack of profit, possibilities of use, data or other damage (even if Job Selection Corporation had been previously informed on the possibility of the occurrence of such a loss), resulting from:

– using or impossibility in using the services provided by the Jobselection.ro website;
– unauthorised access to or the damage of your submissions or data;
– statements or actions of any third party on the services provided by the Jobselection.ro website;
– any other issue connected to the website services.
You expressly declare that you understand and that you agree with the following statements:

1. using Jobselection.ro services falls under the sole responsibility of the users. The services are supplied ‘as such’ or ‘as available’.

2. Job Selection Corporation does not provide any guarantee that:

– the services will meet all your requirements;
– the services will be uninterrupted, on time, safe, and without errors;
– the results that may be obtained as a result of using the Jobselection.ro website and related services will be correct or trustworthy;
– any software error will be corrected;

3. Any material downloaded or obtained in any other way by using the services provided by Job Selection Corporation is consequently at the disposal of the users and may only be used upon their own risk, as they are the only persons liable for the possible destructions caused to the computer used to access the website or for any other data losses that can result from downloading this type of content.


If any provision of the ‘Terms and conditions’ chapter is considered invalid by the competent authorities, the invalidity of such a provision will not affect the validity of the other provisions included in ‘Terms and conditions’, these remaining current. These ‘Terms and conditions’ are – on the whole – an agreement entered between you and Job Selection Corporation, in view of using Jobselection.ro.

These conditions may be modified by us at certain periods of time, without a prior notice or acceptance by the users. You can read the latest version of these conditions at any time, by accessing this page.

This agreement represents the sole convention between you and Job Selection Corporation and regulates the use of Jobselection.ro services by you, overriding any previous agreement between you and Job Selection Corporation or its website. You may also be subject to another Regulation version that may apply when using other services provided by Job Selection Corporation. or its partners, a content of any third party, or a software of any third party. The regulation and the relations between users and Job Selection Corporation will be bound by Romanian laws.