This is a service provided to companies for the benefit of employees to be made redundant.

The main objective is to assist people affected by redundancy by making their new work situation less traumatic and by helping them find new jobs.

This type of service also responds to the need to guide candidates towards those jobs and companies that are in line with their profile.



We are objective, offer confidentiality and have the necessary expertise
We are client-oriented, results-oriented and committed to work principles and professional ethics
We have a wide range of job vacancies in various fields of activity for which we offer recruitment services
In career counselling services, we use the following tools specific personality and skills assessment tools
Our outplacement services may include, but are not limited to, resume reviews, cover letter, as well as job search advice, training, job interviewing, personalized coaching and career assessments.



Outplacement is ideal both for your company in transition or even downsizing, but also for the future of your employees.

Send the right message about caring for human capital
Protects your image, reputation and employer brand
You resolve the market situation in a professional way
You avoid the occurrence of a labour conflict
You reduce the costs of severance payments and other monetary benefits


Take advantage of our experience of over 25 years in corporate human resources services.