consiliere in cariera

“What college do you go to? Because I’m coming after you.”

“I’m going to law school, I’m going to be a lawyer because it pays well.”

“My mother told me to go to the ASE, that’s the only way I’ll find a well-paid job.”

Does that sound familiar to you?

At the end of high school, perhaps you and I were more or less at a loss when it came to choosing the career we wanted to pursue.

Choosing your college is an extremely difficult decision that affects the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, for many of our children, making this decision is based on the most superficial of arguments.

But why do we use these arguments? Simple! Because:

we don’t know our own inclinations, style and talent that we are born with and that will be ours for life
we don’t know what fields we will enjoy, we don’t know what environments will motivate us
we lack information about what a university means in terms of structure, curriculum and what real chances it gives us on the job market afterwards



It is your right to choose your path in life, to decide your future!

Find out with us

How you can discover your vocation

How you can discover your meaning in life

What makes you happy and important

How to discover skills and talents you didn’t know you had

How you can become more confident, more sure of yourself, have the courage to make good career choices

Why and how discovering your vocation will guide you to more easily choose what you want to do professionally

How you can choose your college or profession

Last but not least, you will understand why it is important for you to work with passion and to commit yourself wholeheartedly to what you do!

cariera vocationala
evaluare personalitate si aptitudini - consiliere in cariera



If you are still undecided about what field to step into for your future professional career or are looking for a job, developing self-confidence is necessary in order to make the best career decision.

Our assessment is suitable for pupils, students, people looking for a career change or anyone who wants to discover themselves better.

So we suggest that you use our career counselling programme which will take you through several stages

Personality and skills assessment
Identification of career goals
Analysis of skills, career interests and potential based on psychological profile
Career plan development for job choice, employment or training
Drawing up individual action plan based on counselling and assessment



Part of the job counselling process is training in job search methods and techniques. Thus, we offer support services for:

Identifying ways to search for a job on specialised portals, websites, social media
Preparing the CV and the cover letter, guidance on how to present yourself at job interviews in order to promote yourself successfully

comanda evaluarea profesionala


An assessment created by experts from several countries to help you choose the right career path.